Luxury Taste of Spice Gift Basket Contents
Contents may vary

Chimans Meat/Fish Spice Mix 14 - 30g
Win Yip Chinese Noodles 400g
Chinese Noodles 400g
Tortilla Chips 175g
Boulevard Thai Rice Crackers 80g
Blue Dragon Hot Dried Chillies 50g
Easy Cook Cous Cous 250g
Blue Dragon Stir Fry Sauce 105g
Hot Chilli Dip 240g
Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce 190ml
Blue Dragon Coconut Milk 165g
Harissa Paste 150g
Patak Curry Paste 283g
Patak Raita 270g
Poppadums 200g
Garam Masala Sachet 25g
Fox's Pickle 350g
Blue Dragon Rice Wine Vinegar 150ml
Patak Mango Chutney 340g
Fox's Sambal 200g
Fox's Bumbu 100g
Fox's Satay Sauce Mix 200g
Blue Dragon Yellow Bean Sauce 120g
Blue Dragon Black Bean Sauce 120g
Lapsong Souchong Tea 125g

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