Deluxe English Gift Basket
Some contents may vary

Boulevard Savoury Assorted Biscuits 150g
Rochester Mulled Berry Punch (non alcoholic) 725ml
Kentish Teas Earl Grey Tea 125g
Rumpy Cider Marmalade 240g
Border Butter Sultana Biscuits 150g
Eccles Cakes x 4 175g
Mrs Darlington Tomato Chutney 312g
Cottage Delight Fudge 100g
Kentish Honey 340g
Quiggins Chocolate Mint Discs 50g
John Lusty Stilton Soup 410g
Tiptree Gooseberry Jam 340g
Crossroad Stem Ginger Cake 600g
Dart Valley Real Ale Mustard 175g
Mrs Darlington Piccalilli 269g
Benenden Sauce 250g

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